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When the Christian Community station FM103.5 ( commenced broadcasting in 1994 in Orange, NSW, Arthur began reading Scripture daily at and continues today, albeit now pre-recording.

Those recordings are now available through Youtube.

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Each recordng is 10 minutes. They were recorded to systematically read through every verse of Scripture. He follows the style he formally used at the breakfast table, reading a passage and commenting on it in context.

He uses the New King James version as it is a modern literal translation based on the same Hebrew and Greek texts used for the King James version. Most other modern translations utilise the manifestly corrupted UBS greek text, corrupted because it chooses to give preference to poorly supported readings over the text supported by the vast majority of witnesses. Albiet, he recognises that no translation can capture the full meaning of the original text.

His daily program consists of an Old Testament reading and a New Testsment reading. The books are read in chronological order except He reads Proverbs on Saturday and Psalms on Sunday.

You can select readings from the this Daily Devotional.