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Canobolas Christian Broadcasters Inc is an association established in 1994 to broadcast Community Christian Radio in the Central West of New South Wales. It broadcasts on FM 103.5 from Mount Canobolas. The association has around 200 supporters who, with the help of a few businesses, provide the operating funds the station.

Program content is about 20 percent bible teaching with people such as Chuck Missler, Derek Prince, Joyce Meyer and James Dobson. The music content is exclusively by Christian artists and on Christian themes, predominantly of an easy listening style aimed at the middle age bracket.

Arthur Gilmour has been Honorary Treasurer for about eight years and also presents a daily morning (6 am) devotional bible reading. He has now read through the scriptures three times on air since 1997.

For further information, their website is www.RhemaOrange.com.au.

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