Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We pressed our first batch of Olive Oil in 2009. Our trees are not irrigated and the last ten years have predominately been drought years so development has been slow.

Two different Italian families have commented very positively on the flavour of our oil. One writes We have been brought up on Spanish and Italian Olive Oil. The taste of your olive oil is unique, obviously because Australian soil is so varied; giving it an unusual but pleasant fragrance and taste.

We produced 600 litres in 2011, 40 litres in 2012 and 150 in 2013.

2013 Oil now available for sale

The taste this year is quite sharp. We are selling 1 litre bottles for $20, 500ml bottles for $12.50 plus postage.

We now need to sell it so you can enjoy it. You are welcome to visit, or contact us by email ( to place your order.

Sorry, we do not have credit card or paypal facilities so you will have to send us the money by cheque or bank transfer.

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