What does AS stand for in ASReml?

The meaning of AS in ASReml

There is no simple answer to this question. REML obviously relates to Residual Maximum Likelihood developed by Thompson (Patterson and Thompson, 1771).

Prior to writing ASReml, we developed a prototype program which we named AIREML because the principle feature of the program was to exploit the Average Information algorithm as defined by Gilmour et al (Biometrics, 1995).

At about the same time, Dave Johnson from New Zealand also developed a program called AIREML based on Johnson et al (Animal Science, 1994).

Conseqently, a new name was sought at a meeting of biometricians concerned with plant breeding and ASReml was selected from a short list, without much deep discussion. In that context, A stands for the Average Information algorithm and S stands for Spatial Analysis of field experiemnts (see Gilmour et al, JABES, 1997). Alternatively, S can refer to Sparsity which is a key component of the routines which enable ASReml to perform as it does.

10 November 2008

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